Will a coaching session solve your issues?
May 18, 2023

Will a coaching session solve your issues?

The question asked in the topic of this article is very important to people who decide to take an opportunity to change their life.

First, you need to be aware of the existence of other forms of support. Coaching is one of them, but don’t forget about mentoring and therapy.

How to decide which one is for you at a certain point in your life? Just try! This is the best way to find an appropriate solution for yourself.

When you decide on coaching you need to be aware of another thing:

A coaching session will not solve all of your issues!

When you decided to start your journey with the coaching process, you need to be
prepared for hard work which will pay you off maybe in 1-week, maybe 1-year. How is that?
Everything depends on your goals (short-, long-term) and willingness to change your life. Not only in the aspects talked about during sessions.

Remember: change in one aspect of your life will have an impact on another. Is it good or bad? This is up to you to decide. A coach will support you in the way which is your choice.
I mentioned your way. You need to be aware that this is not a way from session to session. Coachee needs to work on the goals he/ she brought to a coach. If you want to change
your life thanks to one 60÷75 minute meeting once a week, this can be only a wish, not a proper process.

In coaching not only a coach works, coachee too. And a coachee works even harder.
Why? Because he/ she wants to achieve their own goal.
And this is the essence of coaching.

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