Personal contemplation on coaching and mentoring
May 2, 2023

Personal contemplation on coaching and mentoring

I could see that #coaching, a mix of coaching and mentoring (C&M) actually, was something that I was looking for, during my whole professional life, or maybe even earlier. If I had C&M sessions during my Electrical engineering studies possibly today I would be a different person. Or maybe not, who knows…

Anyway, thanks the to C&M sessions I took last year, I am where I am, I am what I am.

These sessions made me think about my private and professional life – what I’ve achieved and what I really want to achieve and what way.

Verbalizing my goals and looking for solutions was just GREAT!

Thanks to these sessions I realized why/how and what I do. At the beginning of the process, it was very difficult for me to deal with that. Fortunately, as time passed my eyes opened and I started taking any circumstances in my life as a chance for self-improvement.

The reason was to take a job I didn’t want – just to pay bills…

I was able to do that for 4 months and I decided to do what I want to do in my life – to be a coach and mentor for people who wants to be happier in their life. Now I spend a long time on LinkedIn, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. I share the knowledge and experience I got during my work with corporations in consultancy and construction.

I started my career in a technical role (assistant electrical engineer), through lead role (Building Information Modelling [BIM] Lead) and finally a manager one (BIM Manager). I had an opportunity to see and analyse the nature and approach of a variety of people from different levels of the ‘corporation ladder’. That was very helpful and interesting. Few of those I didn’t like (those days). When I started Executive MBA studies I realized that a lot of managers are not prepared for their roles. And I’m not talking about their managerial skills. The most wanted skills are leadership. The lack of these doesn’t allow managers to become leaders. They cannot build a team they can trust, delegate relevant tasks and expect proper results. But this is not the worst thing.

The saddest element of that is the unawareness of managers that they should start thinking about their colleagues/ employees and their self-improvement, not only about the required results set up by their bosses.

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