Meet Piotr

"My mission is to alleviate stress and increase happiness in people's lives, while helping them build confidence in their abilities."

What drives me?

Why coaching?

Coaching is the process of helping people and teams to perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their personal best, and facilitating them to function more effectively as members of a team.

"Robert Dilts “From Coach to Awakener” (2003)

Joy, money and flow

I believe that people should derive joy from their work, and not just view it as a means to make money. When your work brings you joy, money follows. Working with people has always been an enjoyable experience for me, giving me a nice "flow state". I take pride in the positive impact that I can have on their lives.

My core values & principles

Honest Effort

Honesty and persistent work towards achieving goals are fundaments of success.

Continuous Improvement

Adopting a growth mindset, constantly striving to improve oneself and gaining knowledge is essential.

Exceptional Delivery

Delivering services in the best possible way is part of my personal work ethic.

What is my story?

I have always been driven by a desire to help people in any way I can. After working for 18 years in big corporations in consultancy and construction across Poland, Ireland, Denmark, and Germany, I decided to pursue coaching and mentoring to make a more direct impact on people's lives.

As an electrical engineer, BIM (Building Information Modelling) model manager, lead, and manager, I have had the opportunity to observe people's personalities, behaviors, and approaches, which has helped me analyze and develop effective coaching strategies.

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Hobbies & Passions

My passion is to learn more and more. That’s why I read a lot about people and their nature in my free time. Additionally, I love fiction books that I ‘swallow’ every week. My favourite writers are David Morrell and Tom Clancy.

I build my mental resilience during nordic walking sessions – my personal record is 31 km during one walk.


My education path, diplomas & certificates
acquired from college to this day.


Executive MBA

studies at Valar Institute, Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington DC, USA (ongoing)


Coaching course

ICF Accredited coaching course at ‘Meritum coaching school’, Warsaw, Poland; graduated IV 2023


Business Advisor

ICAN Institute Business Advisor course – management skills improvement;


Executive MBA

studies at Collegium Humanum, Warsaw, Poland


Doctor of Business

at Collegium Humanum, Warsaw, Poland; Dissertation subject: Managing change in an organization


Professional Diploma

in Change Management at UCD Professional Academy, University College Dublin.


Postgraduate diploma

Wroclaw University of Science and
Technology: post-graduate studies
in the field of administration
of computer networks


Masters of Science,

Graduated from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. Completed studies in Electrical Engineering.

Hear from My Satisfied Clients

My mission is to make people's life easier and happier. Feeling proud of them and their skills is the greatest reward.

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Piotr has helped me to establish goals and deadlines, work on my communication skills and has always been dependable.

Eoghan Keenan
BIM Handover Lead at Designer Group, Dublin, Ireland

Piotr is a great leader and a real expert in his field. He helped many, not only younger colleagues to understand their job and show them possible ways of business activities.

Robert Komorniczak
Senior Electrical Engineer, Wroclaw, Poland

Piotr helped me to go up in the business reality. Thanks to him I understood a lot of leadership and managerial issues I have at work.

Mariusz Przychodzeń
Graduated DIT Architecture Technologist BSc (Hons), BIM Coordinator at Jones Engineering, Dublin, Ireland

Working with Piotr has been an amazing experience. He has proven himself not only as a coach but also as a mentor. His friendly approach allowed me to completely open up without any inhibitions. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make changes in their personal and professional life.

Agata Karpińska
Lawyer, Warsaw

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