Personal Coaching

Whether you need support in navigating personal challenges, strengthening relationships with loved ones, or advancing your career, our coaching services are designed to help you unlock your full potential and achieve lasting success

Unlock the hidden potential of your employees

Better relationships, improved career

Do you find yourself struggling to effectively communicate with your colleagues, spouse or family members? My personal coaching support can help you overcome these challenges and enhance your career and personal relationships. By conducting a thorough personality assessment, we can help you identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and develop actionable strategies to improve your communication skills. With our support, you can unlock your full potential, achieve greater job satisfaction, and cultivate stronger personal relationships.

Your goals, my process and guidance

My personal coaching is a tailored support for individuals looking to address a range of challenges, from private problems to family issues and career coaching. I work one-on-one with clients to identify their unique strengths, goals, and challenges, and help them develop actionable plans to achieve their desired outcomes.

My personal mission is to enhance the overall well-being of individuals and promote happiness in their lives. With a strong passion for helping clients overcome a wide range of challenges, my focus is on facilitating greater self-awareness that translates into better relationships, improved decision-making skills, and ultimately, a more fulfilling life for each of my clients.

Personal coaching sessions

My personal coaching process is structured to support you in solving the issues or overcoming the challanges, that matters to you. Step-by-step.


Goal-setting meeting

We define the most important goals with the coachee. We agree on some measurement method to rate the level of changes after coaching process.


First coaching session

The first session will be delivered absolutely for free!
After this meeting you will decide if you want to still work with me.
It's up to you!


Coaching sessions

Each session is focused on a specific goal or challenge that you want to work on. You decide which topic is the most important to you now.

Hear from My Satisfied Clients

My mission is to make people's life easier and happier. Feeling proud of them and their skills is the greatest reward.

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Piotr has helped me to establish goals and deadlines, work on my communication skills and has always been dependable.

Eoghan Keenan
BIM Handover Lead at Designer Group, Dublin, Ireland

Piotr is a great leader and a real expert in his field. He helped many, not only younger colleagues to understand their job and show them possible ways of business activities.

Robert Komorniczak
Senior Electrical Engineer, Wroclaw, Poland

Piotr helped me to go up in the business reality. Thanks to him I understood a lot of leadership and managerial issues I have at work.

Mariusz Przychodzeń
Graduated DIT Architecture Technologist BSc (Hons), BIM Coordinator at Jones Engineering, Dublin, Ireland

Working with Piotr has been an amazing experience. He has proven himself not only as a coach but also as a mentor. His friendly approach allowed me to completely open up without any inhibitions. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make changes in their personal and professional life.

Agata Karpińska
Lawyer, Warsaw
Expertise Forged Through Experience
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Positive attitude

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