Leadership Coaching

I enable managers to evolve into true leaders, driving increased productivity for organizations.

How coaching can empower your managers & benefit your organization?

Invest in your managers to drive success

Effective leadership is critical to success. By investing in the development of managers into effective leaders, companies can reap numerous benefits.

Improved communication within teams fosters a positive and productive work environment, where employees are aligned with the company's goals. Efficient and motivated leaders can create a positive atmosphere, instilling confidence in their team's ability to deliver results.

Put company on a growth trajectory

Project implementation drags on, teams fail to meet their goals, and managers don't know how to motivate employees to work more effectively? Company lacks a competitive edge, while customer satisfaction is declining?

It doesn't have to be this way. Empower your executives by increasing their self-awareness and gain influence over company performance through leadership. Implement your new strategy painlessly for yourself and your employees.

How coaching can improve your organisation?

Empowered managers

I support managers in development. Through effective coaching they realize their potential, learn to lead by example and become true leaders.

Decreased employee turnover

People don't quit jobs, rather, they quit their bosses. Improve your managers and your cost of hiring new employees will drop down consequently.

Improved communication

I support managers in improving their emotional intelligence and in effect improving team communication, which affects the atmosphere at the workplace.

Conflict resolution

Manager can find ways for solving issues within the teams, and learn how to effectively navigate through conflicts.

Constructive feedback

Develop the skills of constructive criticism, giving and receiving feedback, which reinforce clear expectations and better understanding.

Time management

Managers who manage themselves better, have time for their employees, their development & space for new initiatives or strategies.

Coaching process for organizations

My coaching process is structured to align company objectives with the development goals of the coached manager.


Sponsor meeting

We define the budget & goals.  We measure the effectiveness of the manager before the coaching process to establish clear KPIs for improvement.


Coachee meting

The goals are presented for acceptance by the sponsor, coachee and coach. The coaching process is explained to set expectations.


Coaching sessions

Each session is focused on a specific goal or challenge that the manager faces. Sessions 0 and 1 are free, and we agree on as many meetings as the sponsor sees fit.

Hear from My Satisfied Clients

My mission is to make people's life easier and happier. Feeling proud of them and their skills is the greatest reward.

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Piotr has helped me to establish goals and deadlines, work on my communication skills and has always been dependable.

Eoghan Keenan
BIM Handover Lead at Designer Group, Dublin, Ireland

Piotr is a great leader and a real expert in his field. He helped many, not only younger colleagues to understand their job and show them possible ways of business activities.

Robert Komorniczak
Senior Electrical Engineer, Wroclaw, Poland

Piotr helped me to go up in the business reality. Thanks to him I understood a lot of leadership and managerial issues I have at work.

Mariusz Przychodzeń
Graduated DIT Architecture Technologist BSc (Hons), BIM Coordinator at Jones Engineering, Dublin, Ireland

Working with Piotr has been an amazing experience. He has proven himself not only as a coach but also as a mentor. His friendly approach allowed me to completely open up without any inhibitions. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make changes in their personal and professional life.

Agata Karpińska
Lawyer, Warsaw
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